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I’ve been having trouble deciding between these two images – and I can’t seem to get a constant answer between people I ask either! Some people prefer the color version while others prefer the black and white version. I think I might like the black and white version a little bit more, or at least I did when I was updating my online portfolio as I have selected the B&W version for it. What do you think?

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We all take shots that didn’t turn out well, didn’t focus right, or our light reading was wrong… whatever the reason there can sometimes be a way to save the photo and turn it into something great. The shot I have uploaded was a result of me messing up and trying to fix it, it came out quite well, at least in my opinion.

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I’ve decided to dedicate a bit of my spare time to uploading some of the photos I have taken over the past year or so to Shutterstock. The payout per download isn’t that high – 33cents US - but it will add up and will earn me a bit more than just having my photos sitting there on my hard drive! Up to this date I have mostly just uploaded vector illustrations and they have been seeling quite well – but I figured I should see how my photos sell!

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Today’s shot is another photo which I took during my time in Jonkoping, Sweden. The photoshoot ran for about two hours and we came up with some pretty impressive shots, especially after a little editing in Photoshop. I would be curious to see how the images would turn out after messing around with them in HDR Max. The cloud patterns at the time were quite interesting and I would say that they would look striking after passed through and HDR editing program. However, with only one exposure per shot they probably would be quite noisy.

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I am pretty hungry but there isn’t too much in the fridge so I have decided to post one of my food photographs. This shot was taken while I was living in Melbourne for a company called the Fruit Delivery Company. From what I understand the Fruit Delivery Company offers a service where businesses or individuals can register to have top quality fruit delivered to their address once a week. It seems like an interesting idea, I wouldn’t mind having a couple boxes of fruit delivered to my place each week! I am really missing the Australian fruit over here in Sweden, it just doesn’t taste the same!

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Here we go with a different kind of shot; the image was taken of Tanya at a friend’s studio in Sydney. I had a few weeks in Sydney before I left for Sweden and decided to organize a few shoots to add some new images to my portfolio. I will add some more photos from my shoots in the near future. One the day I had Marika a makeup artist I had worked with previously come along to offer some help, she did a great job.

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Continuing on to my previous post I realised some of you may be interested in the before and after for the posted shot. I have attached the original before shot, the output file from Ariea HDR Max and the final edit.

Taking a look at th

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Band shoot in Jonkoping, Sweden.

Here we go with my first posted shot; it is one of my favourite shots that I have taken since starting photography. It is a photo of a friend Randy, the image was taken in Jonkoping, Sweden for his band’s CD cover, I will have to try and find their website’s link. I had been living in Jonkoping as my girlfriend was studying at the city’s university at the time.

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After following a few blogs I figured it was about time that I began my own, I also have a bit of spare time now there is no excuse not to begin! I guess it might be a nice way to keep a diary of my work and might be interesting for anyone who has the time to visit and take a look. I will try to upload a new photo of mine each day along with a little information explaining the shot and any photoshopping or processing that went into it. Until the next update!